Why Choose a Professional Shredding Service?

Choosing a professional shredding service has many significant benefits.

We all know how important it is to dispose of confidential documents in a secure and timely manner. One way to ensure this happens is to use a professional shredding service who you can trust.

After all, making sure your documents are shredded is one thing. But it is vital, that confidential information, remains confidential and does not get left in the wrong hands. If not, the consequences could be fatal. You or your customers data could be used against you maliciously or for fraudulent purposes. This in turn can make you liable for a hefty penalty under the Data Protection Act.

Making the decision to choose professional shredding services is not always easy. How do you know the company you’re choosing is one you can trust?

Here’s how..

Secure Document Storage Provided

By choosing our regular service you are provided with secure document storage devices such as our bins, consoles and bags as required. These consoles and bins remain locked and can only be opened by a trained member of our team. All our vans are fitted with a slam lock which also enhances your security.

DGD Staff

All staff are adequately trained and are required to wear photo ID at all times. This ensures your documents are handled in a controlled manner by an identifiable member of the DGD team. Why risk handing your documents to a stranger? Now you don’t have to.

You Are The Last To See Your documents

Once your documents are collected they will not be seen or touched by anyone else. All your documents are fed from the supplied storage device into our powerful shredders either on site or at our destruction facility. You don’t even need to remove them from their folders. Our machines shred all files, folders and data devices.