FAQs – Shredding Small Quantities?



On a daily basis we get inquiries from small businesses and householders as to whether we shred small quantities. Quite simply the answer is YES!

We value all our customers from those who have just one bag to those whom have thousands!

Here is some useful information regarding FAQs – Shredding Small Quantities?

  • While we can provide on-site shredding at your location or a collection service for off-site shredding the most economical option would be to drop the material into our Destruction Centre in Raheen Business Park in Limerick.
  • Our machines can process stables, lever arch folders, plastic pockets, paper clips, bulldog clips etc so there is no need to separate them.
  • We do ask that no aerosols or flammable liquids or large metal items are placed with the material for shredding.
  • We do process CDs, Floppy Disks, Tapes, Hard Drives and Back Up tapes. We ask that these materials are kept separate as they are processed through different machines.
  • Our office is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 1850 491 333.
  • We can supply you with some of our heavy duty sacks to take away with you for use until your next visit!

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