Shredding Consoles

Our secure shredding consoles are ideal for any office environment. They are specifically designed to fit neatly amongst the current office furniture.

Secure Shredding Console

There is now more pressure being put on companies to ensure that confidential client information is not on show in open bins. Businesses are now looking to provide secure waste collection areas within their offices. These days, allowing paper to be disposed of into a normal waste bin is just not an option for many companies.That is why many of our customer choose our Secure Shredding Consoles. They can also be used for general paper, envelopes and any card folders that support you with meeting your environmental policy. However they must not be used for food, metals or plastic waste.

The secure consoles usually appeal to customers who have a regular shredding service. They are provided free as required and can only be opened by a trained member of our staff. On the arranged collection date, one of our guys will come to collect the filled bag of paper and replace it with a fresh one.

For more information on our regular service please click HERE  or call us on 1850 491 333 to speak to a member of our staff.