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How Confidential Data Shredding Services are Helping Irish Businesses

Companies who deal with confidential and sensitive documents have ethical and legal obligations to keep that information secret. Protecting your customers and your business’ own data and handling it the best possible way will help mitigate liability risks.

But aside from protecting your data, assuring the correct disposal of this sensitive information is also essential to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Irish Businesses have long been reliant on their company’s long-built reputation. Trusting a certified third-party solution for the shredding of physical documents or data hard-drives can protect your organisation against fraud, data loss or theft; save on costs, and guarantee the appropriate destruction of end-of-life confidential data. Furthermore, by correctly disposing of this data, you will also be helping to protect the privacy of your clients, employees or suppliers.

Although you can purchase a shredding machine for your office, it will post some challenges and is far from ideal. Outsourcing your shredding services is a much more comfortable and cost-efficient solution while that provides multiple other benefits for your business, including:

Preserve your business reputation

The reputation and loyalty you build through time with customers and other businesses are one of your company’s most valuable assets. A breach of sensitive information can be devastating for your business, grabbing headlines, causing panic among your clients and bringing some hefty fines. To ensure that this does not happen, find yourself a reputable shredding service to destroy all those documents, you no longer need.

Sourcing a professional and trusted shredding service with proven procedures, an auditable paper trail and security screened employees will assure your data is well handled and won’t fall into the wrong hands. DGD Shredding can provide on-site and off-site shredding, this one with “Same Day Shred” policy, giving the client peace of mind that their classified documents will be shredded on that same day. DGD also issues Certificates of Destruction to ensure your business is fully complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Is your document shredding done in house? Even if you are already proceeding correctly with destroying your documents, there are more efficient ways to do it when taking into account not only the costs but also the risks this may present to your organisation.

First, there is the inadequate management of your paid employee’s time that could be better suited at more profitable activities instead of hours of document disposal. Let alone the responsibility that your staff carries, of correctly and securely shredding confidential documentation in line with the legal entities’ regulation.

Second, the actual cost of a quality industrial shredder. An ordinary paper shredder won’t cut it for anything more than a dozen of sheets at once, not to mention that it would choke and clog at the sight of a plastic card not to mention a hard drive. And run a capable shredder will consume higher levels of energy and be a dent on your operating costs. Sourcing a shredding service will get rid of those machines and place a locked console to keep the documents destined for destruction safe until the scheduled pick up. This way, you won’t have to worry about any unauthorised access or misusing the productivity of your specialised staff.

Guaranteed recycling

Sustainability is a key aspect for any modern business and recycling your paper or other materials is vital for an eco-friendly organisation. However, if you are currently shredding your documents in-house, you have probably already faced the issue of being left with too big of a load to place into the recycling bins. And it is in this situation that one of the most common security failures usually happens with documents or data carrying material being disposed to recycle before being shredded.

To avoid this issue that could lead to confidential breaches and ultimately to public and legal business problems, paper shredding services combine recycling with destruction, complying with The European Waste Hierarchy.

The benefits an outsourced professional shredding service can offer to your business are undeniable and will protect the company’s confidentiality at all times. If you’re in Limerick, Galway, Dublin, Cork or any other area in Ireland, for that matter, you should look into destroying your sensitive data with DGD Shredding. We provide a wide range of confidential document shredding services with on- or off-site shredding and many other solutions to protect your data.

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