Mobile Shredding unit

Why Mobile Shredding is the Most Secure Way to Destroy your Documents

The most common goal for those that look into shredding services is security. Still, there are many different approaches when it comes to shredding, making some more secure or cost-efficient than others.

Above all, in terms of security, none beats mobile shredding. From formal destruction certificates, the possibility of witnessing the shredding and handling sensitive documents with lockable shred bins, you can find below all the reasons, in detail, that makes mobile shredding the safest option for you.

What’s Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding literally entails a shredder to move to your house or office. First your shredding provider will supply you with locking bins where you can deposit all the documents that need to be shredded.

When the time of your shredding appointment comes, a mobile shredding truck arrives at your location and shreds all the bins’ contents while you watch their destruction.

The Security Benefits of Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding also has many advantages that make it the most secure option when it comes to shredding.

Witnessed Shredding

Being there and watching your data being destroyed to irretrievable pieces should not be overlooked. After all, your eyes don’t lie and this way you can be sure your documents are shredded right there on the spot and not fall in wrong hands.

Certificates of Destruction

The final step of the shredding process is quite important to your assurance of security: the certificate of destruction.

This certificate not only serves as a proof of destruction confirmation document for you but also as proof of compliance of Data Protection Laws such as GDPR. These documents also include many details that prove that all process of destruction was secure like:

  • Time and date of shredding
  • Location of shredding
  • Details on the chain of custody – from initial disposal to final destruction
  • Serialised transaction number intended for audit trails.

Locking Shred Bins

In between shredding appointments, your information does not become any less confidential or important. That’s why you should maintain them secure with provided lockable shredding bins meant specifically to collect all those documents and other materials destined for the shredder.

The bin is designed on the same principle of a mailbox – with a one-way entrance slot.

These shred bins can be of distinct sizes depending on your regular shredding volume, ranging from small shred containers (PDC) to larger carts and totes.

Zero-Contact Shredding Trucks

In current times, the ability to securely unload your locked sensitive content into a mobile shredding unit without any need of human contact is of utmost relevance. Your locking bins are disposed directly into the truck’s shredder, and zero contact is required.

Think of it as a sort of garbage truck, but instead of trash and a dumpster, the large mechanical arms actually lift your locking bins and empty them into the shredder while you get a curbside view of your data being destroyed.

Is Security Your Number One Priority When It Comes to Shredding?

Then contact DGD Shredding and join countless other businesses and individuals to whom the security and handling of sensitive information is their top priority. We shred and destroy documents and other materials on our locations or at yours, with mobile shredding units.

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