Upgrade the Security of Your Business with This 6 Simple but Effective Steps.

Now that companies are in the process of returning to everyday business, security should be on the top of everyone’s priorities. With that in mind, we gathered some simple, efficient steps that can help you upgrade your business security:

Step 1. Establish a Safe Network

For starters, basic things such as having reliable and up-to-date antivirus and firewall programmes will mitigate risks by impeding malicious content and preventing unauthorised accesses.

Step 2. Secure Wi-Fi connections

Open Wi-Fi networks can become a severe security breach. Removing public networks from your company´s Wi-Fi connections will significantly reduce the chance for cybercriminals to access the organization’s classified data and systems.

Step 3. Implement a security awareness strategy

A strong, secure password can make all the difference in case of a cyberattack. Simple passwords such as “1234567” will be cracked down in first attempts and be an open-door for criminals. Making sure all the workforce knows the importance of using a safe password is crucial. It can be vital in maintaining a secure network.

Not only this but informing staff members of online risks such as malicious content, phishing, and even identity thefts will go a long way in defending your company from criminal attempts.

Step 4. Protect devices as well as networks

Devices such as laptops or tablets even when out of the office and offline can still present a security risk. If these are lost or left unattended, they can easily fall into the wrong hands and become a severe security liability allowing access to confidential files and networks.

Making sure all staff is aware of these issues is crucial, just as much as keeping backups of data to ensure essential documents aren’t lost.

Step 5. Back up data

Relevant data should always be kept safe but also accessible in case of misfortune such as a device malfunction or network fail. The use of secure-kept external drives or a reliable online cloud service will ensure no important information gets lost.

Step 6. Safeguard physical data too

Not only digital data is susceptible to security risks. Everything from classified or sensitive information files on paper to external hard drives should be kept in safe rooms to prevent theft.

Even when no longer required in physical format, the disposal of your company’s confidential data should not be overlooked. Sensitive data should be deemed unusable and securely destroyed. One of the most convenient and secure data disposal methods for business purposes is using the services of a professional shredding company.

DGD Shredding can securely dispose and destroy your confidential paper files as well as old digital hardware to guarantee no information is leaked or misplaced. We also offer on site shredding for efficient, certified and on-demand disposal of sensitive data the organization may need to destroy.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

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