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Hard Drive & IT Media Destruction

DGD Shredding is one of Ireland’s industry leaders in secure IT destruction services. We are passionate about security and compliance and we take the utmost precautions with your equipment at all stages of the destruction process.

Computers with internal hard drives that contain sensitive information about you, or your business, can present a security risk if it falls into the wrong hands. Businesses all over Ireland will have computer hardware and peripherals that are no longer used and are most likely obsolete. Despite various erasing and wiping processes, someone can still redeem information from these end-of-life devices.

Hard drive and media destruction is the best and safest method of achieving peace of mind that the information is irretrievable & to prevent a data breach in your organisation. By properly disposing of these devices, you can ensure that your sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

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To discuss your hard drive and IT media shredding and destruction requirements, get in touch with our dedicated sales team at 1800 491 333 or sales@dgdshredding.ie. Our expert specialists will walk you through all our services to find a solution to suit your business needs.

Magnetic Media Destruction

Different information mediums require different destruction processes. Magnetic media destruction is the safest way to ensure your data is protected. Microfilm, microfiche, and magnetic media require extensive processing to achieve the required shred size to deem the information irretrievable.

We have a two-stage process to shred small items such as mobile phones, SIM Cards, SSD cards, USB keys, microfiche and the smallest shred standard – Shred level 8 EN15713. Our entire process is open to audit and is covered by CCTV cameras.


Off-Site IT Destruction Services

Secure Receptacles
We provide a range of secure receptacles before the removal of data storage mediums and larger IT equipment. This is to ensure secure transport from your location to our destruction centre.
Secure Fleet
DGD Shredding offers a nationwide collection service for secure IT destruction. Our fleet can cater to various IT equipment sizes. All vehicles used by DGD Shredding are branded & fitted with GPS tracking for tracking and monitoring purposes. We have installed advanced CCTV technology in the cargo hold of the IT collection vehicles, allowing you remote access to monitor the transport of the load, giving full transparency and oversight. This service is optional.
Nationwide Service
DGD Shredding has a dedicated facility tailored for secure IT & media destruction. The two-stage processing system is efficient and comprehensive. DGD Shredding currently provides IT destruction & recycling services to many security-conscious clients throughout the Republic of Ireland.
Secure Destruction Process
DGD Shredding assures secure and certified data destruction, in line with EU regulations in an environmentally responsible way. The destruction process for IT equipment can be supervised and is available on request.
Certificate of Destruction
We capture serial numbers of data storage mediums for the certificate of destruction for mobile on-site and speciality off-site shredding services. Additional numbers, such as asset tags, are tracked as required.

Mobile On-Site Shredding

DGD Shredding Mobile On-Site Shredding Fleet. Regular Service. On-Demand Service. Paper Shredding. Hard Drive Shredding.
DGD Group 030
On-site hard drive shredding is where a DGD Shredding mobile shredding truck will come to your business premises to shred your hard drives. This means that sensitive information stored in internal hard drives from your IT devices is destroyed before leaving your business. We can record serial numbers of hard drives for the Certificate of Destruction.
DGD Shredding has a modern fleet of purpose-built trucks with the latest shredding technology installed. All our on-site shredding trucks are branded  and fitted with GPS tracking for monitoring & identification purposes.
Onsite shredding is a convenient & reliable data destruction option for your business.
100% paper is recycled
100% of Paper, Cardboard and metal is recycled. Shredded paper is baled and then sent to a paper mill where it is recycled into tissue products such as toilet paper, kitchen roll and feminine hygiene products. We aim to recycle all the materials we handle. However, where materials cannot be recycled, they are sent for waste-to-energy processes.

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