Mobile On-Site Shredding

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“We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!”
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Mobile On-Site Shredding

Our mobile on-site shredding service is where we shred your confidential information at your location in our mobile shredding unit. This allows you to witness the destruction of your organisations’ data giving you total peace of mind.

Whether it is paper records, hard drives, or branded uniforms, mobile on-site shredding is a convenient, secure and cost-effective shredding option for your business. We operate a modern fleet of mobile shredding units with GPS tracking, and CCTV. You can rest assured that your confidential information will be handled with the utmost care and security by our garda-vetted & trained professionals.

All of our procedures are in accordance with EN15713 secure destruction of confidential data code of practice.

To discuss your mobile on-site shredding and destruction requirements, get in touch with our dedicated sales team at 1800 491 333 or Our expert specialists will walk you through all our services to find a solution to suit your business needs.
DGD Shredding Mobile On-Site Shredding Fleet. Regular Service. On-Demand Service. Paper Shredding. Hard Drive Shredding.
DGD Shredding Mobile On-Site Shredding Fleet. Regular Service. On-Demand Service. Paper Shredding. Hard Drive Shredding.

On-Site Secure Destruction Services

Secure Receptacles
We provide a range of secure receptacles before the removal of confidential material.
Secure Fleet
DGD Shredding offers a nationwide service for secure mobile on-site shredding. Our fleet can cater to various quantities of material. All vehicles used by DGD Shredding are branded & fitted with GPS tracking for tracking and monitoring purposes. We have installed advanced CCTV technology in the mobile on-site shredding units, allowing remote access to monitor the transport of the load, giving full transparency and oversight.
Nationwide Mobile On-Site Shredding Service
DGD Shredding operates a nationwide mobile on-site shredding service to all 32 counties on a daily basis.
Secure Destruction Process
DGD Shredding assures secure and certified confidential material shredding, in line with EU regulations in an environmentally responsible way. The shredding process can be supervised at the mobile shredding unit, and is available on request.
Certificate of Destruction - GDPR Compliant
Once the mobile on-site shredding is complete you will be issued with an itemised docket as a record of the service being carried out. You will then receive a Certificate of Destruction.
100% paper is recycled
100% of Paper, Cardboard and metal is recycled. Shredded paper is baled and then sent to a paper mill where it is recycled into tissue products such as toilet paper, kitchen roll and feminine hygiene products. We aim to recycle all the materials we handle. However, where materials cannot be recycled, they are sent for waste-to-energy processes.
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