Uniform & Product Destruction

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Uniform & Product Destruction

Obsolete uniforms are just one example of how crucial it is to manage a brand’s various elements. Uniforms act as a means of company identification and help aid in marketing and branding. Fraud and misrepresentation may be made easier with the improper use of these uniforms. Therefore, it is important for businesses to regularly review and update uniform policies to ensure that they are not only effective in promoting the brand but also in preventing any potential misuse or fraudulent activities. By doing so, businesses can maintain a positive image and reputation while also protecting themselves and their customers.

Our machines at DGD Shredding can destroy a wide variety of materials. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued upon completion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a unique requirement that is not covered by the list (see below). We are dedicated to providing secure and efficient shredding services for our clients, and we are always willing to work with you to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our shredding capabilities and how we can help you securely dispose of your sensitive materials.

To discuss your shredding and destruction requirements, get in touch with our dedicated sales team at 1800 491 333 or sales@dgdshredding.ie. Our expert specialists will walk you through all our services to find a solution to suit your business needs.

Examples of what we can destroy

  • Branded Hard Hats
  • Hats and Headwear
  • Embroidered Uniforms
  • High Visibility Clothing
  • Footwear
  • ID Cards/Badges
  • Credit Cards
  • Obsolete products
  • Security Uniforms
  • Emergency Services Uniforms
  • Military Uniforms
  • Airline Uniforms
100% paper is recycled
100% of Paper, Cardboard and metal is recycled. Shredded paper is baled and then sent to a paper mill where it is recycled into tissue products such as toilet paper, kitchen roll and feminine hygiene products. We aim to recycle all the materials we handle. However, where materials cannot be recycled, they are sent for waste-to-energy processes.
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