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Why Mobile Shredding is the Most Secure Way to Destroy your Documents

The most common goal for those that look into shredding services is security. Still, there are many different approaches when it comes to shredding, making some more secure or cost-efficient than others.

Above all, in terms of security, none beats mobile shredding. From formal destruction certificates, the possibility of witnessing the shredding and handling sensitive documents with lockable shred bins, you can find below all the reasons, in detail, that makes mobile shredding the safest option for you.

What’s Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding literally entails a shredder to move to your house or office. First your shredding provider will supply you with locking bins where you can deposit all the documents that need to be shredded.

When the time of your shredding appointment comes, a mobile shredding truck arrives at your location and shreds all the bins’ contents while you watch their destruction.

The Security Benefits of Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding also has many advantages that make it the most secure option when it comes to shredding.

Witnessed Shredding

Being there and watching your data being destroyed to irretrievable pieces should not be overlooked. After all, your eyes don’t lie and this way you can be sure your documents are shredded right there on the spot and not fall in wrong hands.

Certificates of Destruction

The final step of the shredding process is quite important to your assurance of security: the certificate of destruction.

This certificate not only serves as a proof of destruction confirmation document for you but also as proof of compliance of Data Protection Laws such as GDPR. These documents also include many details that prove that all process of destruction was secure like:

  • Time and date of shredding
  • Location of shredding
  • Details on the chain of custody – from initial disposal to final destruction
  • Serialised transaction number intended for audit trails.

Locking Shred Bins

In between shredding appointments, your information does not become any less confidential or important. That’s why you should maintain them secure with provided lockable shredding bins meant specifically to collect all those documents and other materials destined for the shredder.

The bin is designed on the same principle of a mailbox – with a one-way entrance slot.

These shred bins can be of distinct sizes depending on your regular shredding volume, ranging from small shred containers (PDC) to larger carts and totes.

Zero-Contact Shredding Trucks

In current times, the ability to securely unload your locked sensitive content into a mobile shredding unit without any need of human contact is of utmost relevance. Your locking bins are disposed directly into the truck’s shredder, and zero contact is required.

Think of it as a sort of garbage truck, but instead of trash and a dumpster, the large mechanical arms actually lift your locking bins and empty them into the shredder while you get a curbside view of your data being destroyed.

Is Security Your Number One Priority When It Comes to Shredding?

Then contact DGD Shredding and join countless other businesses and individuals to whom the security and handling of sensitive information is their top priority. We shred and destroy documents and other materials on our locations or at yours, with mobile shredding units.

Our qualified and experienced team are available for any query you may have, call us today on 1850 491 333!

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How Confidential Data Shredding Services are Helping Irish Businesses

Companies who deal with confidential and sensitive documents have ethical and legal obligations to keep that information secret. Protecting your customers and your business’ own data and handling it the best possible way will help mitigate liability risks.

But aside from protecting your data, assuring the correct disposal of this sensitive information is also essential to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Irish Businesses have long been reliant on their company’s long-built reputation. Trusting a certified third-party solution for the shredding of physical documents or data hard-drives can protect your organisation against fraud, data loss or theft; save on costs, and guarantee the appropriate destruction of end-of-life confidential data. Furthermore, by correctly disposing of this data, you will also be helping to protect the privacy of your clients, employees or suppliers.

Although you can purchase a shredding machine for your office, it will post some challenges and is far from ideal. Outsourcing your shredding services is a much more comfortable and cost-efficient solution while that provides multiple other benefits for your business, including:

Preserve your business reputation

The reputation and loyalty you build through time with customers and other businesses are one of your company’s most valuable assets. A breach of sensitive information can be devastating for your business, grabbing headlines, causing panic among your clients and bringing some hefty fines. To ensure that this does not happen, find yourself a reputable shredding service to destroy all those documents, you no longer need.

Sourcing a professional and trusted shredding service with proven procedures, an auditable paper trail and security screened employees will assure your data is well handled and won’t fall into the wrong hands. DGD Shredding can provide on-site and off-site shredding, this one with “Same Day Shred” policy, giving the client peace of mind that their classified documents will be shredded on that same day. DGD also issues Certificates of Destruction to ensure your business is fully complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Is your document shredding done in house? Even if you are already proceeding correctly with destroying your documents, there are more efficient ways to do it when taking into account not only the costs but also the risks this may present to your organisation.

First, there is the inadequate management of your paid employee’s time that could be better suited at more profitable activities instead of hours of document disposal. Let alone the responsibility that your staff carries, of correctly and securely shredding confidential documentation in line with the legal entities’ regulation.

Second, the actual cost of a quality industrial shredder. An ordinary paper shredder won’t cut it for anything more than a dozen of sheets at once, not to mention that it would choke and clog at the sight of a plastic card not to mention a hard drive. And run a capable shredder will consume higher levels of energy and be a dent on your operating costs. Sourcing a shredding service will get rid of those machines and place a locked console to keep the documents destined for destruction safe until the scheduled pick up. This way, you won’t have to worry about any unauthorised access or misusing the productivity of your specialised staff.

Guaranteed recycling

Sustainability is a key aspect for any modern business and recycling your paper or other materials is vital for an eco-friendly organisation. However, if you are currently shredding your documents in-house, you have probably already faced the issue of being left with too big of a load to place into the recycling bins. And it is in this situation that one of the most common security failures usually happens with documents or data carrying material being disposed to recycle before being shredded.

To avoid this issue that could lead to confidential breaches and ultimately to public and legal business problems, paper shredding services combine recycling with destruction, complying with The European Waste Hierarchy.

The benefits an outsourced professional shredding service can offer to your business are undeniable and will protect the company’s confidentiality at all times. If you’re in Limerick, Galway, Dublin, Cork or any other area in Ireland, for that matter, you should look into destroying your sensitive data with DGD Shredding. We provide a wide range of confidential document shredding services with on- or off-site shredding and many other solutions to protect your data.

Contact us by mail: or telephone us at 1850 491 333 and schedule your secure digital or physical data destruction program today!

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Seven Types Of Everyday Documents That You Should Always Shred.

It is common knowledge that you should shred all documents with sensitive information such as financial information from your bank or bills containing personal data, like your name and address.

What sometimes goes under the radar for most people are more mundane documents that can lead to identity theft and even more aggravated problems. These can be documents you deal with every day and don’t really consider confidential but can provide various information about you that in the wrong hands can be used for fraudulent purposes.

So that you don’t get caught in these dangerous schemes such as identity theft, we put forward 7 types of documents you should shred once they are not required anymore:

Receipts and Invoices

After purchasing something, a lot of people throw away the receipt if they don’t need it for tax purposes.

This is a common error that can, very clearly, provide criminals with data such as the last digits from your credit card. Other sorts of personal information can come in receipts or invoices even if you pay cash, such as your client account data, your phone number or address.

So, instead of trashing these unwanted receipts right outside the store, the best thing to do is to add them to your paper shredding pile when you get home.

Prescription Labels and Other Medical Documents

Your doctor’s prescriptions are addressed to you and, accordingly, feature some of your personal information as your name, your condition, what medicine you’re taking and the dosage, your pharmacist’s name, among others.

In the wrong hands, these documents might allow them to refill prescriptions, obtain drugs and all this using your identity.

Once you have picked up your items at the pharmacy or finished your pill bottles, make sure to destroy these documents and prescription labels, along with the personal information that sometimes gets attached to the prescription bag.

Boarding Passes

Physical boarding passes have, other than a person’s name and destination, a bar code that free and easily accessible websites can decode and provide added information about the traveller.

The deciphered bar code can disclose your frequent-flier identification with which thieves can log to your airline account and know all your scheduled trips, perform check-ins or cancel travels. If you are accessing your boarding passes on a mobile device, don’t share images of the pass on social media.

In case you are still using paper boarding passes, proceed to shred them and, while in the process, do the same to luggage tags since they can possibly refer to your account too.

Birth and Death Announcements

Information regarding a baby’s birth, for example a birth announcement, or regarding a loss of a family member, like a funeral program, are common to be spread to friends and family.

Children have appeared to be one of the preferred targets for identity theft criminals since their credit reports aren’t under any analysis so they can act unnoticed until significant actions. Deceased people have also been targets of identity thieves, applying for credits in their names by means of having their personal information.

It is understandable you want to keep copies of these announcements but make sure the remainders are shredded before taking them to the bin.

Resumés or CVs

Resumés are a collective of information you are providing to a potential employer about yourself and if found by identity thieves can hand them instantly your:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Working history
  • Educational history

With all this data, they can recreate your identity and act on your behalf, and it surely won’t be for any good.

Once you have delivered your CV’s, make sure to shred any surplus copies, and the same applies if you’re updating your CV, you should destroy the outdated copies to avoid anyone picking your rubbish bin and getting your data.

Pet Medical Reports

It is common for online accounts to have a backup question in case you forget your password and one of the most popularly chosen is “What is your pet’s name?”. If that’s your case, I’m sure that you can instantly recognise the importance of properly disposing of the veterinary reports of your pet where its name comes featured.

Shred those pet medical reports that aren’t needed anymore before thrashing them and while at it, why not update your online accounts with stronger passwords and backup questions too!

Free Return Labels

Online purchases frequently have included labels in the packaging in case you want to return the item free of charge. Let’s say that you, like the majority of buyers, are not returning the item and just take the packaging with the label inside to the recycling bin.

These tags or labels have your address and name, which identity thieves can use to start profiling your information paired with social media details and other data.

From the moment you are happy with your purchase and don’t plan on making a return, shred the label, invoice or any other tags containing your information and make sure your address and data remain private.

Shredding Your Everyday Documents

Now that you realise the importance of shredding and of completely voiding your information, particularly from identity theft, you are probably considering how to do it.

Small domestic shredders are available at some electronics depot, but if you don’t want to invest in something you aren’t giving an intense use, you can always turn to a shredding service such as DGD Shredding. You can arrange a one-time or regular shredding hire at your door and guarantee the destruction of your data without much effort.

Just contact us by mail: or telephone us at 1850 491 333 for a quote on your preference service, and if you still want to know more about our safe and reliable mobile shredding services, our team at DGD will be happy to assist you and answer all your queries.


Is a Professional Shredding Service the Right Choice for Your Business?

Document destruction is an integral part of most businesses’ data security, with shredding being the most popular way to destroy physical data.

In this post, we have put together some of the most common doubts and misconceptions about professional shredding services. If you are currently undecided regarding the use of a professional shredding service for your documents, below you will find all the information necessary for you to make a conscious decision.

I don’t think my company’s volume of business justifies signing up for a regular shredding service. Nevertheless, the shredding pile keeps getting bigger. How can I save by using a shredding service?

If your documents are usually disposed of by using your small office shredder, you are already increasing your costs by consuming valuable staff time. Not only that but having your own shredder adds to maintenance costs and may sometimes leave you stranded when the shredder breaks.

Furthermore, disposing of the shredded material in recycling bins or dumpsters is a serious liability. Anyone could get access to the remainders and leave with pieces of information you would want to remain confidential.

A secure paper shredding service takes care of all of these issues. Garda vetted, fully trained staff will collect your items and carry out their complete destruction following all certified procedures.

Isn’t it too expensive to use a certified Shredding service provider?

When you consider the importance of data protection reliability to a company’s reputation, and how a data breach can damage that reputation, the cost of the service may not even be considered an expense at all.

A certified shredding service provider will dispose of all your sensitive information, ensuring that all your confidential data is destroyed and cannot be recovered or end up in someone else’s hands.

In terms of service cost, you can choose the plan that best suits your business needs. As a top professional shredding Service provider, we can collect your data on a daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis depending on how many times you wish to dispose of it.

You can make your own data destruction plan, and match the cost with your specific needs, voiding all the complications and expenses a possible sensitive data breach could cause.

The latest document destruction provider was not reliable. Can you guarantee a better experience?

Not all professionals and/or businesses are the same. The best way to assure yourself a secure and reliable service is to use a certified destruction service.

DGD Shredding is one of the largest professional destruction providers in Ireland.

To deliver secure document destruction, we are regulated with certified standards through an ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, including EN15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Data Code of Practice, ensuring your information and data are securely destroyed. According to this certification, DGD is audited annually by NQA to ensure compliance with both quality parameters.

DGD also maintains an ISO14001:2004 for Environment Management System which comprises all environmental aspects of its activities.

With DGD Shredding, you can be sure that all your confidential data is destroyed following the highest industry standard. Certificates of destruction are provided for all data shred.

If you need to dispose of any other media containing confidential data, you should contact DGD to put any further questions forward or set up your hard drive & media destruction plan.

Contact us by mail: or telephone us at 1850 491 333.

Upgrade the Security of Your Business with This 6 Simple but Effective Steps.

Now that companies are in the process of returning to everyday business, security should be on the top of everyone’s priorities. With that in mind, we gathered some simple, efficient steps that can help you upgrade your business security:

Step 1. Establish a Safe Network

For starters, basic things such as having reliable and up-to-date antivirus and firewall programmes will mitigate risks by impeding malicious content and preventing unauthorised accesses.

Step 2. Secure Wi-Fi connections

Open Wi-Fi networks can become a severe security breach. Removing public networks from your company´s Wi-Fi connections will significantly reduce the chance for cybercriminals to access the organization’s classified data and systems.

Step 3. Implement a security awareness strategy

A strong, secure password can make all the difference in case of a cyberattack. Simple passwords such as “1234567” will be cracked down in first attempts and be an open-door for criminals. Making sure all the workforce knows the importance of using a safe password is crucial. It can be vital in maintaining a secure network.

Not only this but informing staff members of online risks such as malicious content, phishing, and even identity thefts will go a long way in defending your company from criminal attempts.

Step 4. Protect devices as well as networks

Devices such as laptops or tablets even when out of the office and offline can still present a security risk. If these are lost or left unattended, they can easily fall into the wrong hands and become a severe security liability allowing access to confidential files and networks.

Making sure all staff is aware of these issues is crucial, just as much as keeping backups of data to ensure essential documents aren’t lost.

Step 5. Back up data

Relevant data should always be kept safe but also accessible in case of misfortune such as a device malfunction or network fail. The use of secure-kept external drives or a reliable online cloud service will ensure no important information gets lost.

Step 6. Safeguard physical data too

Not only digital data is susceptible to security risks. Everything from classified or sensitive information files on paper to external hard drives should be kept in safe rooms to prevent theft.

Even when no longer required in physical format, the disposal of your company’s confidential data should not be overlooked. Sensitive data should be deemed unusable and securely destroyed. One of the most convenient and secure data disposal methods for business purposes is using the services of a professional shredding company.

DGD Shredding can securely dispose and destroy your confidential paper files as well as old digital hardware to guarantee no information is leaked or misplaced. We also offer on site shredding for efficient, certified and on-demand disposal of sensitive data the organization may need to destroy.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us today at or telephone us at 1850 491 333.


Getting Back To The Office

As thousands of workers are starting to get back to their regular workplace, Organisations are forced to consider shredding sensitive documents no longer needed, that workers have kept at home during the pandemic.

With employees returning, office work environments must be reorganised to comply with physical distancing following HSE guidelines.

This often implies changing the layout of the workplace and placing tables and chairs further apart in order to maintain a 2-metre worker separation. Decluttering the workplace and clearing out files that are no longer required can significantly help in that regard.

Data Protection through data destruction

Shredding all sensitive documents that have passed their retention period will not only improve the safety of the work environment but will also have a significant impact on data security.

Not properly handling confidential documentation represents a legal risk to the company as businesses need to be in compliance with GDPR rules and regulations and institute good inhouse practices to protect their personal and commercially sensitive information.

Organisations are responsible for all data supply chains, so the proper processes must be implemented to diminish any potential risks of a data breach. This means that all sensitive information should be handled and destroyed securely.

At DGD shredding, we understand the importance of using the services of secure shredding specialists. We are one of the biggest and most competitive companies in Ireland and provide Nationwide on-site & off-site shredding services.

Our off-site and on-site shredding services are proven to be some of the most dependable and efficient across Ireland. We ensure a smooth process all the way through. We can satisfy all your business shredding needs and certify all of the shredding work we do so that you remain in compliance with EU legislation and GDPR obligations without any complications or disturbances.

Our commitment to the environment

By opting for our professional shredding service, your business is contributing to a cleaner and greener world. Our work doesn’t end when your documents are shredded. We incorporate recycling into the shredding process, so all the shredded paper is sent for recycling and turned into tissue products such as kitchen rolls & toilet paper. All without compromising security and confidentiality.

Shredding Process

Shred, Recycle, Repeat

There is an exceptional amount of confidential wastepaper passing through our offices and homes every day. As you may know, holding onto sensitive documents past there retention period presents risks to your business. Disposing of sensitive data not only allows for a potential data breach, but also creates an unhealthier environment due to these documents being sent to landfill.

By opting for a professional shredding service, your business can take steps towards a cleaner and greener environment. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves around 682.5 gallons of oil, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees. Our service does not finish in our shredding facility, where your documents are destroyed, we incorporate recycling into the destruction process without compromising confidentiality.

With our services, you are choosing an environmentally friendly solution for your destruction needs. Since 1998, we have saved approximately 1.5 million trees by recycling our post-processed material. Currently, our shredded paper is sent for recycling and is turned into tissue products such as toilet paper and kitchen roll.

We strongly believe in accounting for all environmental impacts our company has on the environment. Leading from the top, Liam and Mark take environmental considerations into account for every decision where an impact is likely. We work to minimise our environmental impact; from the vehicles we use, the equipment we operate, to our supplier’s and our own operational processes.

DGD Shredding truck

Our Fleet and Transport

We operate a modern fleet of vehicles conforming to the Euro 6 emissions standards. Our vehicle selection process accounts for emissions, fuel efficiency, reliability and maintenance.

Our own full-time mechanic who maintains our fleet to the highest of standards; the more efficiently the vehicle operates the less fuel it uses and therefore less emissions.

The fuel our fleet runs on is the highest quality diesel fuel from reputable sources and we monitor our usage on a monthly basis to review our consumption. By knowing your environmental impact, you can manage it.

We optimize our service schedules to ensure the most efficient routing not only to provide reliable services to clients but also manage our fuel consumption and emissions

Our Plant

We operate highly efficient Shredders and Baling equipment in our Destruction Centre that minimise electricity consumption. Our equipment is set to recognise periods of inactivity and shut off. Additionally, our equipment can be set to different performance rates depending on the activity being carried out, so the machinery does not need to be at full capacity if it doesn’t need to be.

Our Facility

All the lights in our facility are LED low energy consumption lights. We are in the process of constructing a new development that will incorporate numerous environmental considerations throughout the project.

We aim to not only have the most secure and advanced Destruction Centre, but also the most environmentally efficient one.

Our Recycling Commitment

We aim to recycle where possible all materials we handle. We directly place our recyclables into mills and over 95% of materials we handle are recycled.

From materials that cannot be recycled, the materials are sent for Waste to Energy processes.

Our Environmental Standards

We operate an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) that is independently assessed and accredited annually. This EMS shows our commitment to the environment.


DGD shredding is one of the largest, most competitive shredding services in Ireland, we are here to provide you with peace of mind that all sensitive information is handled and destroyed in a secure manner. DGD knows the importance of guaranteed shredding services, so we present you with a Certificate of Destruction following the shredding process.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact with us today at or telephone us at 1850 491 333.

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Reasons Why You Should Leave Shredding up to the Experts

In this week’s blog, we at DGD Shredding are looking at the most important details and reasons for why shredding should be left to the experts, and why it is time for your business to switch! If you are a small or large business, then choosing shredding services from professionals is a worthwhile investment in order to maintain your privacy for both the benefit of your company and customer data, as well as compliance with EU legislation and GDPR obligations.


Here are the top reasons for leaving shredding up to the experts;


Keeping sensitive documents past there retention period presents a legal risk to your company with new GDPR legislation.  Responsibility of whole data supply chain resides with the organisation and it is vital that the correct processes are in place to mitigate any potential risks of a data breach. With a secure shredding specialist, your business will be provided with locked receptacles to store your sensitive information until it is ready for destruction. Your business can have peace of mind that sensitive information is destroyed in a safe and reliable manner.

We at DGD Shredding offer a service that will guarantee a strong chain of custody from your location to a secure facility. Our expertise and decades of experience in the shredding industry has allowed us to offer a reliable and diligent process that guarantees confidentiality for your business’s shredding needs.

Data Protection

Organisations must be able to demonstrate compliance with GDPR and introduce good housekeeping practices to protect their personal and commercially sensitive information. There are many laws and legislation in place to ensure companies have necessary processes in place to securely destroy confidential documents and data that has passed its retention period.

As of May 2018, the law regarding Data Protection across the EU has changed. With the new GDPR requirements in place, all organisations are now required by law to be fully transparent in the usage and safeguarding of personal data, and in implementing measures to show accountability for their data processing activities. DGD offers a strong chain of custody and trustworthy process so that all your sensitive information can be handled and destroyed in a secure manner.


We all know how time-consuming shredding with an office shredder can be! When you outsource your document shredding, you avoid using employee time to complete the process. In-house paper shredding takes time and often takes away from an employee’s regular job duties. Office shredders will mostly just cut documents into strips, which may not completely prevent data breaches from occurring.

The services we offer utilize industrial scale machinery which enables documents to be destroyed to the highest shredding standard. Hiring a professional shredding service will prove to be cost effective and beneficial in the safeguarding of document destruction and the prevention of data breaches within your organisation.


Opting for a professional shredding service, your business can take steps towards a cleaner and greener world. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves around 682.5 gallons of oil, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees. Our service does not finish when your documents are destroyed, we incorporate recycling into the destruction process without compromising confidentiality. Following the destruction process, all shredded paper is bailed and shipped directly to paper mills where it is then recycled and made into various paper products. Our service gives your business the ability to create a healthier environment in today’s world!



DGD shredding is one of the largest, most competitive shredding services in Ireland, we are here to provide you with peace of mind that all sensitive information is handled and destroyed in a secure manner. DGD knows the importance of guaranteed shredding services, so we present you with a Certificate of Destruction following the shredding process.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact with us today at or telephone us at 1800 491 333.


Document shredding process

Shred Away the January Blues

New Year! New Decade! Does your organisation have files past their retention period?

Look no further than DGD Shredding for the destruction of your confidential information.

New New New DocumentsWe at DGD Shredding are here to ease your journey so the stress of the annual clear-out is a thing of the past. The new year brings a time of opportunity and success, and we are here to supply you with all your shredding needs and help you understand all of your GDPR destruction obligations.

The GDPR is now in force and organisations are expected to the have the necessary processes in place and to securely destroy confidential or personal data that is no longer necessary. As of May 2018, the law regarding Data Protection across the EU has changed. All organisations are now required by law to be fully transparent in the usage and safeguarding of personal data, and in implementing measures to show accountability for their data processing activities.

Our shredding service is proven to be one of the primary, most reliable and efficient shredding services across Ireland. Our customers enjoy an array of services provided by our business, including;

On-site Shredding

Off-site Shredding

Hard Drive & Media Destruction

On Demand Services

Regular Schedule

Drop-off Services

Our service offers a smooth process and allows your business to remain risk-free and GDPR compliant without any fuss. Our operation is organised to satisfy all your shredding needs, no matter how big or small, throughout the new year and beyond. Our shredding fleet have been hardwired with the latest and best security features to supply your business with a high quality and diligent service you can trust.

With a growing demand in the safekeeping and reliable destruction of sensitive information, our services offer a strong chain of custody from cradle to grave for all your destruction needs, from your premises to our state-of-the-art facility or our mobile shredding units can also shred at your location. We certify all of the shredding work we do on behalf of our clients which proves compliance with GDPR.

Why take the risk? Choose Ireland’s largest shredding service this year for all of your shredding needs.

We make it our business, to make sure no one knows yours!


If you have any questions about our services, you can contact with us today at or telephone us at 1850 491 333.

DGD Shredding worker

Confidential Shredding in Offaly

Shredding Services In Offaly

Did you know that we provide shredding services in Offaly on a weekly basis? Whether you require On Site or Off Site, all our shredding services are tailored to meet your needs.

I’m not sure how much I have.

We can have our secure bags and ties delivered free of charge to help you quantify the material. When filled, seal the bag with the cable tie and call us to arrange a collection.

My paper is in boxes, do I have to transfer into bags?

Not at all. We can also charge per box, weight or time if required. You can arrange a call with a member of our sales team to agree a fixed price on the amount of boxes you have.

Do I have to remove the paper from folders, staples, hard backs etc?

No you can leave the material as it’s presented. We’ll take all lever arch files, folders, hard backs and any other paper based material you have. This not only saves you time but also ensures total confidentiality.

What happens once the paper is collected?

A trained and Garda vetted member of our team will securely transport the material back to our Destruction Facility in Limerick. We operate a same day shred policy so you can be sure all material will be destroyed the day of collection. An invoice will then be issued along with a Destruction Certificate.

How can I pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque, or bank transfer. We also can take your credit card details over the phone. Our standard terms of payment are 21 days.

We also have regular On Site and Off Site Shredding Services in Dublin, Galway, Waterford and Kerry.

For more information on all our services please don’t hesitate in calling 1850 491 333 to speak to a member of our sales team.