Energy & Water Efficiency

In order to reduce our emissions from electricity usage we installed 120 solar panels on our warehouse roof. This means that we are able to produce 30% of our electricity requirements. We will also be able to send any surplus power back to the grid, for example, on weekends when our facility is closed. The invertor we have opted for is much larger than we currently need. This is planned for future expansion of the project to account for the additional energy that will be required to charge an electric fleet. The Solar Panel project was completed by MarVal Power. 

The remaining 70% of electricity is supplied through Electric Ireland’s Green Energy Plan. For an additional cost this plan guarantees that the electricity provided will be from 100% renewable sources.

We operate highly efficient Shredders and Baling equipment in our Destruction Centre that minimise electricity consumption. Our equipment is set to recognise periods of inactivity and shut off. Additionally, our equipment can be set to different performance rates depending on the activity being carried out so the machinery does not need to be at full capacity if it does not need to be.

All the lights in our facility are LED low energy consumption lights. The toilets in the office and warehouse use rainwater harvested from the roof. The water harvested is also used for the washing of the fleet.

We aim to not only have the most secure and advanced Destruction Centre, but also the most environmentally efficient one.

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