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Head office and the Shredding facility

Running the largest shredding facility in Ireland uses a lot of energy. DGD Shredding is keen to do it’s part for the Environment. To reduce emissions, 120 solar panels were installed by MarVal Power on the warehouse roof at Raheen Business Park in Limerick. These solar panels produce up to 30% of the electricity used in the office and shredding facility. Any surplus power is sent back into the grid, especially when the shredding facility is closed at weekends or bank holidays which is better for the environment. In addition, the power inverter that has been installed is larger than currently required, allowing for future expansion where additional energy will be required to charge an electric fleet of vehicles. Additionally, all the lights in our facility are LED low-energy consumption lights.

The remaining 70% of electricity is supplied through Electric Ireland’s Green Energy Plan. While this option costs a bit more, it guarantees that all the electricity provided to our head office in Limerick is from 100% renewable resources.

We operate highly efficient Shredders and Baling equipment in our Destruction Centre that minimise electricity consumption. Our equipment is set to recognise periods of inactivity and shut off. Additionally, our equipment can be set to different performance rates depending on the activity being carried out so the machinery does not need to be at full capacity if it does not need to be.

When you use our services you are choosing an environmentally friendly solution for your destruction needs.


As part of DGD Shredding’s Biodiversity Plan, we have committed to undertaking projects to improve biodiversity on our site and donating to organisations that help improve biodiversity in the surrounding areas. DGD Shredding is a committed supporter and participant in the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. 

This year we installed a green roof providing a habitat within a urban area, which will have significant benefits for wildlife, notably invertebrates and birds. Overall, our green roof installation is a positive step towards promoting biodiversity in our community and creating a more sustainable environment. We hope to continue implementing similar initiatives in the future to further support local wildlife populations.

The toilets in the office and warehouse use rainwater harvested from the roof. The water harvested is also used for the washing of the fleet. Overall, the company is implementing sustainable practices by utilising rainwater for various purposes. This not only reduces their reliance on municipal water sources but also promotes water conservation.

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DGD Shredding provide a national service for the destruction of paper, IT and textiles and work with some Ireland’s largest organisations. We have developed a reputation for providing a high-quality service that is extremely customer focused.

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Where are we based?

DGD Shredding, Bay M1, Raheen Business Park, Limerick, V94 ED34

Our main office and off-site, cutting-edge shredding facility are located in Limerick, where our fleet of vans and highly trained Garda vetted drivers depart in the morning and return in the evening, providing you with same-day shredding service.